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28 Aug

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Be Careful Little Eyes



We all know that children are impressionable and lack the wisdom to make educated choices in certain aspects of life.  For example, most of us know that if we drink and party, our kids watch and learn.  And as a teenager when presented with a similar situation, their behavior will emulate or even exaggerate what they saw us doing for the years before that very moment.   And we know that they are not old and wise enough to handle these situations intelligently in most cases- heck, neither are most of us and we’re adults!

The truth is that this applies even to our eating and fitness lifestyles.  Our children watch us eating and exercising and they are having one of two likely reactions to it:

Emulation– they like what they see and want the same for themselves.

Distancing – they don’t like what they see and are going to do something completely different when they have the chance to make their own choices.

In either case, you must be careful as there are dangers in children missing key points and principles in their desires to either emulate or distance themselves from your fitness lifestyle (or lack of it!).  Here are a few examples of ways in which children can easily head down the wrong path:

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