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06 Aug


Motivation for Anyone!



Here’s some motivation for you this monday.  Two huge takeaway messages from this video – one that’s obvious and another one less so:

For anyone struggling to change their bodies and lifestyle:

Never Give Up

Here’s what I believe is the bigger message…

For any fitness trainer struggling to believe that a certain client can ever achieve change to their bodies and lifestyle:

Never Give Up

03 Aug


Favorite YouTube Channels for Bodybuilding


It seems there are new channels popping up every day from bodybuilding experts and so called ones alike.  They range from broscience to PhD in scientific principles, and from skinny hardgainer types to those clearly juicing with steroids.  This range and variety makes it hard to find a clear and reliable source for information.  That said, it also makes for some good entertainment value!!  This is especially true if you use your own critical thinking skills and knowledge of nutrition, hypertrophy, and weightlifting and apply these skills as a filter to what you watch.  It also helps to have an open mind- every successful bodybuilder thinks that his/her road to success is the only one to take.  So in one sense, hearing from many sources forces you to discern and also to consider whether the dogma you believe is truly serving your goals.

Here are my top 5 favorite channels:

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